Radum Pty Ltd is an Australian Owned and Operated company that has been in operation for nearly two decades. Our staff is dedicated to providing quality and is known throughout the industry for exceptional service.

At Radum we believe in innovation, our sales and technical support staffs are dedicated to creating new initiatives ensuring all our sales and service remain unsurpassed in the industry.

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* All prices are Ex Melbourne warehouse.

* All items that show $0.00 are POA (Price on Application).

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* All Clearance Items, come with a 7 Day Warranty Only.


Radum Cables and Components:

Radum Pty Ltd is a distributor of Electronic Components and cables of all types however specialize in servicing the Data and Computer industry.

Radum is able to offer very competitive pricing on all types of cables. ELECTRICAL * DATA * COAXIAL * TELEPHONE * AUDIO * RIBBON * MARINE * FIBRE OPTIC * AUTOMOTIVE * SECURITY * IRRIGATION * WELDING * INSTRUMENTATION CABLE. So please give us a call and let Radum Pty Ltd quote you on your requirements.

Other then cabling… Data, Voice and Security, Radum stocks all types of connectors, components, computer leads…. From Copper to Fibre, Tools, Testers, range of Bakelite, huge range of Server racks and data cabinets (we can create cabinets to your needs). Radum Pty Ltd is proud to be a ONE STOP SHOP for Voice, Data and Security Solutions.

Radum Pty Ltd also operates an assembly workshop which can manufacture for you “Same Day” or “Next Day” Cat5e, Cat6, Telephone and Serial…. Cables made to your specific wiring configurations. Radum Pty Ltd being a holder of ACA license number N11251 guarantees our products are approved and certified.



Radum Pty Ltd installation staff can provide installation of all types of cabling needs from small jobs to large project installations. Although specializing in Communications our dedicated installation technicians are able to quote you in all fields from:

  • Network cabling Cat 5E / Cat6 / Cat6A
  • Fibre Optic Testing and Terminating Multi Mode and Single Mode
  • IP CCTV Security systems
  • IP Intercom systems
  • Alarms Security systems Paradox and AJAX
  • Access Control systems


Vehicle Hoist:

Radum Pty Ltd are an importer and supplier of vehicle hoist that are designed and verified to Australian Standards in Australia by Local Engineers, with manufacturing carried out in a factory in China that only supplies Radum Pty Ltd in Australia and New Zealand.

Radum’s Hoists are verified to the below applicable Australian Standards:

AS1418.1              Cranes, Hoist and Winches: General Requirements.

AS1418.9              Cranes, Hoist and Winches: Vehicle Hoist.

AS2550.1              Cranes, Hoist and Winches – Safe Use: General Arrangements.

AS2550.9              Cranes, Hoist and Winches – Safe Use: Vehicle Hoist.

AS3990                 Mechanical Equipment – Steelwork.

AS1170                 Structural Design Actions (Wind, Earthquakes).

AS1554.1              (SP, Structural Purposes) Structural Steel Welding.

AS3000                 Electrical Installation.


Radum’s Hoists also come with Work Cover Design Registration under the new NSW WHS Regulations 2011. Radum will provide you with a copy of this Work Cover Design Registration certificate on purchase of your hoist. In accordance with our quality control procedures overseas and locally, all Radum’s Hoists are load tested by the manufacture before the hoists are packaged and shipped, to ensure the quality of the unit. Radum also use local engineering testing laboratories to carry out type testing of the complete unit and individual components to ensure manufactures are using quality material that meets Australian Standards.



Garage Equipment, Machinery and Mechanical Tools:

Radum Pty Ltd is also an importer and supplier of a range of Garage Equipment, Machinery and Mechanical Testing Tools, for workshop or even home hobbyist use. Radum stock a range of equipment and tools ranging from:

  • Tyre Changers
  • Wheel Balancers
  • Parts Washers
  • Sand Blast Cabinets/Equipment and Media
  • Shop Cranes
  • Transmission Jacks
  • Motorcycle tables, jacks and stands
  • Mechanical Testing Tools and Hand Tools
  • And much more.


Home Products, CCTV and much more:

Radum Pty Ltd supplies a wide range of front door intercoms, CCTV Security and Alarm Security systems. If you’re building a new home, adding a new system to an existing home/business or just looking to upgrade your current system please get in contact with our specialized sales staff for more information.