20L (5G) Tubless Tyre Bead Seater

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$100.00 excl GST


- Ideal 20L (5 Gallon) Bead seater, for quickly inflating tubeless tyres on trucks and tractors, passenger vehicles and utes, 4x4, buses and trailers etc.
- Beat seater makes seating the most difficult beads not only safe but simple, fast and economical.
- Wide nozzle for large distribution of air blast, to help seat small and large diameter tyres, from ATV to 24.5" truck tyres.
- ASME & CE Certificate of compliance Air Tank, with compliance plate welded to tank.
- 3mm high carbon steel tank, powder coating finish.
- Includes valve control for deflation, pressure gauge for tank pressure.
- Includes pressure relief valve for protection for tank.
- Easy to transport around workshop or home garage, carry handle welded to tank.

Important Note:
The operator MUST wear Eye and Ear personal protection when using this equipment.
The body is made by sand casting. It is common to have spots on surface. These spots will not affect the equipments function at all.

Overall dimension: Approx. 43cm Long x 60cm wide x 32cm High
Tank dimension: Approx. 43cm long x 26cm Diameter
Tank capacity: 20L (5.3gallon)
Working pressure: 116psi - 145psi (0.8MPa-1.0MPa)
Max input pressure: 10kg 145psi (1.0MPa)
Ball valve: 1 inch
Pressure Gauge Range: 0-230psi (0-16Bar)

Freight Size 45 x 40 x 32 @12