Steel Shot S230/0.6mm

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Steel Shot

Abrasives are used to strip paint, smooth welds, peening, remove rust, abrade wood and can also polish/smooth away imperfections from most surfaces.

Steel shot been spherical grains made of molten steel through an atomization process, available in different sizes and hardness.
Steel Shot is ideal media used to clean, strengthen, peen or polish metals for painting or metal preparation.
Used in all types of industries that use metals for manufacturing (aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, rail etc).
Steel Shot been a hard ball impacts material instead of cutting in (etching), reduces to dust to a minimum.
Ideal use for shot-blasting (wheel-blasting) or air-blasting (sandblasting).

Light deburring
Surface cleaning
Blending machine marking
Removal of welding discolour
Removes minimal material and minimal dust.
Produces a bright matte finish, Pre Anodize finish.
Harder material, better recoverable media life cycle

Media Shape: Spherical
Recoverable Media Life Cycle: Roughly 80 -100 times**
Size: S230/0.6mm
Bag size: 25kg

* Estimate figure only
**Depends on many different variables
May Contain Other Trace Elements

MSDS available on request.