Snap-in Tyre Valve 51mm Long - 50pcs

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- Ideal Snap-in Tyre Valve, for tyre repairs or fitting new tires/rims.
- Suitable for most automotive passenger cars and light trucks.
- Suitable for both Domestic and Import vehicles.
- Suitable for rim hole .453"
- Made with special EPDM rubber compound with brass stem to resist O-Zone damage and prevent premature deterioration caused by rim hole compression, heat and cold.
- Easy to fit, Snap-in valve can be quickly mounted to the rim.
- Flexible in nature to provide complete air-seal, even when bent for air inflation or tire pressure checking.
- Snap-in valve stem, valve core and standard valve cap included.

Rim hole size: .453" (approx 11.5mm)
Overall length: 62mm
Stem length (when fitted): 51mm (2")
Quantity: 50pcs per bag.
Maximum Inflation: 65psi (450Kpa)

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